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Narrator Katherine Littrell
When you hear the range of Southern inflections that narrator Katherine Littrell brings to her performance of Jennifer Lynn Barnes's LITTLE WHITE LIES, you might be surprised to learn that she's based in Sydney, Australia! Katherine told us, "I particularly love to narrate YA when the characters are as well-defined and funny as in LITTLE WHITE LIES. I had a blast being Sawyer's voice; a fierce, witty, and grounded heroine. Class is a major factor in this book, with wrong-side-of-the-tracks Sawyer smashing into the world of Southern debutante balls, so one of my goals was to audibly distinguish the class of the characters through accent. Confession: I'm not a native Southerner, so to prepare I Skyped with my grandmother — who is from Alabama — to pick up the rhythms of a Southern belle drawl, which I used for Sawyer's wealthy relatives in contrast with Sawyer's sharper twang."
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With a poet's passion, Kwame Alexander narrates his novel-in-verse about high school friends Noah and Walt. Alexander's strong connection to his characters shines in his enthusiastic delivery and clear distinctions between the boys' personalities. With measured emotion, Alexander drives home the full impact of this contemporary coming-of-age story.
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The Go-Between
Karla Souza creates a pitch-perfect, youthful narration of Cammi, an ultra-privileged teen whose life is transformed. When Cammi's Mexican telenovela superstar mom moves the family to the U.S. to play a maid in an American television show, Cammi's new friends at progressive Polestar Academy assume Cammi is an immigrant kid on scholarship. Playing along, Cammi explores the immigrant experience as "cultural undercover crusader."
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The listener becomes underachieving sophomore Kyle Chase in this thriller written in the second person. Narrator David Baker's deadpan tone tells you what you think, feel, and do as Kyle navigates a dreary high school existence full of judgmental adults, cruel teens, and boring classes. This could be just an average story of teen ennui if you weren't kept busy trying to find out why there is so much blood and what choices led you to spill it.
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Blink & Caution
Blink and Caution, both separately on the run, get caught up in a kidnapping by dint of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two voices, both narrated by MacLeod Andrews, create a story so fraught with woe, guilt, terror, and tension that the listener can't help rooting for the teens to escape the situation they're in.
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Meet the Sky
This audiobook hurls listeners into the heart of a hurricane. Morgan Fairbanks narrates Sophie March's struggle to survive a hurricane in her Outer Banks, North Carolina, home with help from her former crush, Finn. Sophie is no stranger to hard times; it hasn't been long since the car accident that left her sister with brain damage.
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An Enemy of the People
L.A. Theatre Works' production of Ibsen's classic play about environmental contamination, science, dissent, and hypocrisy offers a well-rounded audio theater experience. Ibsen's themes remain relevant, almost prescient, nearly a century and a half after he wrote this play.
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